Watts awards

Watch the naming of the winners on Facebook.

At the Watts Juneteenth Celebration, Councilmember Buscaino announced the winners of the $1.2 million given by the Buscaino Community Grants Program to Watts non-profits. There were over 30,000 votes to select winners:

  1. Lend an Ear
  2. College Track
  3. Calibrate
  4. Peace for Kids
  5. Watts Garden Club
  6. Finish First Academy
  7. Friends LA
  8. Watts Community Core Stream
  9. East Side Riders Bicycle Club
  10. Beauty Behind the Bricks
  11. Watts Empowerment Center
  12. Women of Watts & Beyond
  13. Watts Labor Community Action Committee
  14. Watts Century Latino Org
  15. Operation Progress Student Assistance Foundation

You can read their proposals here.