Watts Learning Center construction site

City Planning released an environmental report April 2018 on the proposed Kaiser Permanente Watts Learning Center and Health Pavilion Project.

The project is planned for 1453-1525 E. 103rd Street and 10220 S. Success Ave and includes the redevelopment of the existing center site.

Project Description

Redevelopment of the site would occur in two phases. The first phase would include the temporary relocation of the existing counseling and administrative functions of the center to a leased portion of the adjacent City of Los Angeles municipal building, specifically the existing but vacant Fire Station No. 65 space located at 1525 East 103rd Street, while the Center’s existing Preschool Education for Parents and Children (PEPC) will be temporarily relocated to the Drew Children’s Development Corporation site during construction of the Proposed Project.

Phase 1 would require interior renovations of the existing fire station facility to accommodate the Center’s temporary uses. Phase 2 of the Proposed Project would include the demolition of the existing Watts Counseling and Learning Center at 1463 E. 103rd Street (APN 6048-012-026) and a vacant library building at 1501-1505 E. 103rd Street (APN 6048-012-930) and the construction of a new 60,000 square-foot building with 36,500 square feet of medical office space and 23,500 square feet for the new Watts Counseling and Learning Center space. Parking would be provided in 1 ½ levels of subterranean parking and a ½ level above grade within the new medical office building with up to 230 parking spaces. Upon completion the proposed counseling and learning center space would include the PEPC, which is planned to accommodate up to 30 students (eight additional students as compared to existing operations). A new drop-off/pick-up zone is proposed along the north side of 103rd Street. The Proposed Project would include an outdoor play area and a public plaza fronting E. 103rd Street. Primary vehicular access to the parking garage would be provided via a full-access driveway along Success Avenue.

Project Report

Because the project requires variances to existing permitted uses, the project is being reviewed by city planning under case number: ZA-2017-1062-ZV and for environmental review: ENV-2017-1063-MND. The report issued was the Initial Study Mitigated Negative Declaration which found that although the project could have significant effect on the environment, revisions to the project make those possible impacts insignificant.

View the Initial Study Mitigated Negative Declaration Report