Buscaino at Jordan Downs Ground breaking

Watts NC celebrated the ground breaking for the Jordan Downs Plaza Retail Center on June 15, 2018. The project is being developed by Primestor in a public-private partnership and includes 113,000 of space for major retailers, full service grocery store, plaza shops, specialty users and casual and sit down dining adjacent to the redevelopment of Jordan Downs housing.

Renderings of Jordan Downs

At the celebration, Watts NC President Jacqueline Badejo, had the opportunity to speak and thanked everyone for coming together with transformative leadership to make this project a reality. This entrepreneurship will be beneficial to the community bringing jobs after a history of many broken promises.

The developers shared that as part of their visioning process they learned that there was a large ash tree in Jordan Downs where people gathered and did business. It was named the Freedom Tree. The tree is no longer, but it has inspired the logo for this project, which is a tree with a dove at the top.

Councilmember Buscaino shared that his motto of “relentless follow up and get to yes”, were essential on this project which included such herculean tasks as extending Century Blvd and its infrastructure.




Rendering of Jordan Downs

Image of Video of Jordan Downs Ground Breaking