Watts Bridge Home Interior

November 13, 2019 was the preview day for the public prior to the opening of the Bridge Home in Watts on Imperial Highway.

The facility will serve 100 people total, 70 men and 30 women in two separate structures. It uses sprung structures which were constructed in just five months. Each resident will have their own space with a bed, storage area, space for a pet kennel and more. The structures make use of natural light and it is hoped that residents will feel at home. There are bathrooms, showers, laundry facilities and best of all the Salvation Army will be providing wrap around services for case management to help people develop skills, address mental health and substance abuse issues, find jobs and permanent housing.

Mayor Garcetti, Buscaino and Gary Lee Moore at Watts Bridge Home

The Mayor shared that “nothing stops homelessness like a job” and when neighbors of another facility expressed concern that they didn’t want the homeless there, the comment was that when they are here, they won’t be homeless!

Salvation Army will provide services

Bridge Home exterior