future in your hands

Vote in our elections on June 8, 10am-2pm at the 109th Street Recreation Center Classroom, 1464 E. 109th Street.

List of Certified Candidates

Adults, Parents and Caregivers Representative

  • Adlina McCloud
  • Tamara Williams

Area 2 Representative

  • Blanca Gonzalez
  • Edith Zamora

Area 4 Representative

  • Gertrude Davis

Community Based Organization Representative

  • Daude Sherrills
  • Pinkus
  • Nolan Moore
  • Gregory Amerson
  • King Spider D

Faith Based Organization Representative

  • Michelle Irving

Transportation Representative

  • Sophia “Storm” Hopkins

Review our Boundary Map below to see if you live, work, or own property in our boundaries.

2018 Watts NC Boundary Map